Our quality of machine is

World Renowned

The top performers in adapting to ever changing market demands. Our machines include the CNC, ACW and Classic Multispindle with a variety of configurations available for each machine.

Our Multi-Spindle Screw Machines

ACW CNC Hybrid

Wickman CNC multispindle lathes incorporate the latest control systems, offering the flexibility to meet the high demands of the turned parts industry.

ACW Servo

Wickman Servo multispindle lathes enable the user to take advantage of advanced control and AC drive technology without having to undergo intensive re-training of operators and setters.

Classic PLC

Wickman PLC multispindle lathes are available with a large range of tooling attachments for versatility of machining operations.

ACW CNC Hybrid

ACW Servo

Classic PLC

Parts & Services

Find what you need, get it when you need it.

Wickman recognizes the importance of supplying original machine tool Wickman spares (multi spindles) to our customers. Take the opportunity to speak to our machine tool spares department. You will not be disappointed with the service, price and availability. We have over 45,000 Wickman spare parts in stock at any one time. In addition, we hold extensive stocks of refurbished and used multi spindle machine tool spares and machine tools to cater for all customers.

Even more impressive than these figures are our machine tool spares prices and quality, and our ability to achieve same-day dispatch in most cases. Wickman’s promise is that like-for-like on spare parts, we will not be beaten on price!

Still today, we follow Axel Wickman’s principles. Every original Wickman machine tool spare part is still manufactured from our original drawings (we have them all) and subject to our rigorous quality inspection.

Tools & Attachments

The comprehensive range of Wickman multi spindle attachments adds many additional machining facilities to the already versatile and flexible multi-spindle auto. Each attachment used during the manufacture of a component can obviate the need for a second operation machine and therefore dispense with costly manpower and space.

Wickman carry in stock all your new, fully refurbished and used multi spindle attachments:

  • Pick Up & Back Burr, Position 3 & 6
  • Full Threading Position 5 & 6
  • Flat Generating/Thread Milling
  • Thread Chasing
  • Broaching Attachment
  • Ramp Recessing
  • Ramp Milling
  • Synchronous Slotting
  • High Speed Drilling
  • Auxiliary Motion Positions 3, 4, 5 & 6
  • Long Turning Slides
  • Thread Rolling
  • Shaving Toolholders
  • Flatform Toolholders
  • Bracket Toolholders
  • Dovetail Toolholders
  • CNC Slide attachments


See our Multispindle Screw Machines in Action
Wickman 6-44 CNC: Machining a Valve Stem
Wickman 644 CNC: Making a Hydraulic Stem
Wickman 644 CNC: Machining an Air Brake Coupling


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