ACW CNC Hybrid

Wickman CNC multispindle lathes incorporate the latest control systems, offering the flexibility to meet the high demands of the turned parts industry. Benefiting from reduced setup times, the ACW CNC range is an efficient and economic solution for manufacturing small to large volumes of moderately complex parts.


  • All machine specifications available with SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D or FANUC 30i CNC control systems
  • Range Available with up to 20 controllable axes
  • Design maintains the rigidity of the WICKMAN conventional cam operated machines
  • The WICKMAN Technical team can configure the machine to suit the needs of the customer due to the flexible software design and slide options available
  • Machine software equipped for ISO programming
  • All machines are equipped with a minimum 18kw main spindle motor with high torque servo motors to meet machining to its maximum capacity
  • Improved machine flexibility
  • Dramatic reduction in component setting times from the cam operated machine
  • The ability to machine difficult materials using single point tooling
  • Using standard ISO indexable inserts, that reduce tooling costs
  • Software is designed to be user friendly for new and experienced CNC users.
  • Simple station by station programming that the software brings together in Automatic cycle.
  • Each program can be tested individually by the operator
  • Cutting tools are set in each channel/path using tool geometry offsets
  • Tool wear offset adjustment can be performed on the CNC axis whilst the machine is in production.
  • Part program template which simplifies programming is stored on the machine
  • Part programs can be prepared off-line using Microsoft WordPad and then inserted to the machine by memory sticks or network connection

More Machines

ACW Servo

Wickman Servo multispindle lathes enable the user to take advantage of advanced control and AC drive technology without having to undergo intensive re-training of operators and setters. All tooling and attachments used on existing Wickman machines are compatible and interchangeable with our ACW Servo lathes for economic upgrade of legacy equipment.

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Classic PLC

Wickman PLC multispindle lathes are available with a large range of tooling attachments for versatility of machining operations. The machines provide efficient medium to large batch production whilst ensuring consistent accuracy of component. The simplicity of design of the operator panel and progress indication system encourage fast production rates, combined with easy to adjust slides and centreblocks that help to minimise setup and changeover times.

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