Our Partners


The experience gained over the years, the manufacturing flexibility and expertise of our designers allows a continuous evolution of bar loaders and accessories in the assortment range.

Manurhin K’MX

In all its history, Manurhin K’MX has never ceased to strengthen and refine its position as a forerunner. Only companies that are ahead of their time leave their mark on their period.


Mori-Say, the world’s leading line of cam-driven Multispindles, can accomplish a wide variety of precision metal cutting operations very quickly, consistently and accurately.

Wickman USA is a part of the Tajmac Group

Since the parts manufacturing is becoming everyday more complex and exigent, our engineers work together with our customers to develop the productive process with the goal of maximizing the customers’ competitivity and profit. The following pages represent an introduction to the TAJMAC Group companies and their products. Each market has different needs, but all the companies share the same vision and the same goal, that is to provide quality, service and support to the metalworking companies.